Ultra / Bike GPS Tracker

Smartest GPS tracker in the line, with build-in intelligence that protects and locates your vehicles on the go.

Best Suited for Motor Bikes and low power locomotives. Also supported for cars, trucks and heavy vehicles.


Core Features of the GPS Device

We have carefully crafted the GPS Device Hardware and below are some features.

10V to 36V

Voltage support suitable for bikes and trucks.

Class 12 GPS

Class 12 GPS Chipset for best positioning.

Battery Protection

Intelligent Sleep mode enables vehicle battery drain protection.

Intelligent Watch Dog

Intelligent Watch Dog ensures a fail-safe operation of the Device.

Compact Design

Small and compact GPS device which can hide inside the vehicle.

Vehicle Stop/Start

Optional Relay Connections allows remote vehicle Stop/Start.

How It Works

feature image

Feature Rich

Boost up your Business in just one click

Get the latest information on your fleet using our mobile app. Pull the latest report on the movement of the fleet and discover meaningful insights and take the decision to improve your business.

  • App UI-Friendly
  • On-Demand Tracking
  • Notifications Alerts
  • Changeable Icons
  • Reports On the Go
  • Multi-Language Support

Product Brochure !

Download our Product Brochure to get a Detailed Information on this Product.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question, below is our answer.

Yes! You can install this device in your scooter since this device support 12v power input from scooters.
Vehicle Stop / Start can be provided to most of the vehicles, but might not support for few automatic vehicles.
This device doesn't support Jio SIM but will work for another network SIM's. (Note: This Device uses only the GSM network for data communication.)
Yes! You can track and use core features in our mobile app which is available in Play Store. W3Schools
No! The Intelligent sleep mode protects your bike/car battery from battery drain.
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