Temperature Monitering GPS

Temperature of vehicle can be monitored along with GPS Tracker in Software, specially made for Cold Storage Vehicles, can monitor the Temperature of Milk Van, Dairy Products Vehicles, Ice cream and Food Transporting Vehicles.


Core Features of the GPS Device

We have carefully crafted the GPS Device Hardware and below are some features.

Real-Time Tracking

Temperature monitoring GPS devices provide real-time location tracking, allowing users to monitor the movement and temperature status of assets or shipments simultaneously.


Users can set up virtual boundaries or geofences, and if the monitored asset or shipment crosses these boundaries, the device can send alerts or notifications.

History and Reports

These devices record and store temperature data, allowing users to generate temperature history reports for compliance and analysis purposes.

Battery Life

As temperature monitoring can be an ongoing process, these devices often feature efficient power management to extend battery life.

How It Works

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Feature Rich

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question, below is our answer.

Yes, temperature monitoring GPS devices often have data logging capabilities that record and store temperature data over time. Users can access temperature history records and generate reports for analysis and compliance purposes.
Data from the temperature monitoring GPS device can be accessed through a mobile app or web-based portal. Users can log in to their accounts to view real-time temperature and location data, as well as historical records.
Battery life varies depending on the device's model and usage. Some devices are designed with efficient power management to extend battery life, and they may last from days to several weeks before requiring a recharge or replacement.
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