Magnetic GPS Tracker

Strong magnetic base, Available at 10,000 Mah and 7500 MAh, 10 to 14 days Battery life, Chargeable Portable GPS can be used as Women and Children Safety Tracker, Assets tracker, can Use to track valuable documents and things with Voice Monitoring Feature.


Core Features of the GPS Device

We have carefully crafted the GPS Device Hardware and below are some features.

10000 MAh Battery

A battery with a capacity of 10000 mAh can deliver a current of 10000 milliamperes for one hour.

Voice Monitoring

Utilizing voice characteristics to identify and authenticate individuals based on their unique vocal.

Strong Magnet

Strong magnetic fields can interfere with the GPS signals, causing disruptions or blocking the reception of satellite signals.

Battery BackUp

When the GPS device is not connected to a power outlet.the internal battery provides the necessary power to keep the device functioning.

How It Works

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Feature Rich

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question, below is our answer.

Yes! You can install this device in your Helmet.
It's best to keep strong magnets at a significant distance from your GPS device to avoid interference. A general rule of thumb is to maintain at least several inches of separation between the magnet and the GPS device.
While GPS devices are not specifically designed to resist magnetic interference, their internal components are shielded to some extent.
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