OBD GPS Tracker

Plug and Play GPS specially made for higher-end vehicle and for sensor vehicles Voice Monitoring Feature enabled. Suitable for Cars.


Core Features of the GPS Device

We have carefully crafted the GPS Device Hardware and below are some features.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

OBD GPS trackers provide real-time location tracking, allowing users to monitor the exact location of their vehicles at any given moment.

Trip History and Reports

OBD GPS trackers record and store historical data about the vehicle's routes, speed, stops, and fuel consumption monitoring.

Anti-Theft Features

OBD GPS trackers often include anti-theft functionalities, such as immobilization, where the vehicle's engine can be remotely disabled to prevent unauthorized use.

Backup Battery

Many OBD GPS trackers come equipped with a backup battery that can provide power to the device in case the vehicle's battery is disconnected or power outlet droped.

How It Works

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Feature Rich

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question, below is our answer.

OBD GPS trackers can provide a wide range of data, including real-time location, speed, distance traveled, engine status, fuel level, engine temperature, and more.
No, each OBD GPS tracker is designed to track a single vehicle. If you want to track multiple vehicles, you will need to install separate trackers in each one or opt for a fleet management solution that supports multiple vehicles.
Yes, many OBD GPS trackers come with anti-theft features. They can send alerts if the vehicle is moved without authorization, and some even have the capability to remotely disable the engine, making it difficult for thieves to drive the vehicle.
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